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Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

4th plate for Computer Graphics class!

We were learning about Typography and we had to put images inside words.

I used really amazing screenies as the images and if you’re familiar with THIS thingy I made some time ago, I decided to make something out of it again. HEEHEE~

Got carried away again tho… But I had fun! I’m trying to work on my fonts. It’s really the hardest thing for me to do. OTL Also, I tried photomanipulating… Sort of? XD

I hope it looks fine~ (。・//ε//・。)

You can check out my other FA plates here! 


Daddy Daycare

"Some superheroes don’t have capes…

They are called DADS.”

*Looks at calendar* I’m a day late for Father’s Day… OH, WELL!! And I saw that quote on a random greeting card. XD
Here’re my VERY OLD Father’s day drawings.
[2011] [2012]

And here’s what I made for Mother’s day!

Just little something I made~ And oh gosh, I WAS SO SCARED OF DRAWING BABIES. Because I never drew so much babies ever. asfdfhgjhkhlj;k

Oh, and a bonus doodle sketch, too! HEEHEE. Cheer up, Damian! He’s just really grumpy because Dick left all the babies for Dami to babysit while the dads plus Donna have a nice night out. XD

I rarely draw kids. Gosh… (T▽T) It’s my first time drawing a lot of these kids. Hope they look fine!

AND HERE’S TO ALL THE FATHERS OUT THERE! Good job for being awesome and helping in making us. HEEHEE! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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DC Favorite Couples Tournament: Canon Round 1 Match 5 


The winners of yesterday’s matches were Scandal/Knockout/Liana, Dick and Kory and Huntress and Peej.

Just one canon match (don’t worry non-canon is back Friday).


Aquaman and Mera!



Wally West and Artemis Crock


Come on, it’s Aquaman and MERA. They were MADE for each other you guys!


-I’ve seen Kid Flash on the news; he doesn’t wear black. 

After long nights of steak-outs and assassinations, a 10 year old Artemis would sit in front of the small TV in her living room. She would secretly watch the news while uncrusted peanut butter sandwiches (Lawrence knew his little girl despised the crust) and drinking warm glasses of milk (to build bones). One day a new superhero who looked about her age showed up; he seemed happier than Gotham’s Dark Knight, and sillier than even the Superman. She was fascinated by the boy’s striking red hair,freckled-splayed face, and how he always seemed save innocent lives. He was different, and she liked it. From that day on, Artemis Lian Crock knew that maybe one day she would save a life too. Just like that funny-looking Kid Flash. 

Kid Flash tea blend spiced matemango melangevanilla

Need a boost? This tea is perfect for those days that require long runs and quick speed. Fruity with some zest and a vanilla touch to keep everything in line, this tea will sure to help tap into your inner speed force. 

Part of the Young Justice fandom collection at adagio.com


Reasons to love Wally, number 321 in an infinite list.



I fail as Wally—I’m so inactive. I couldn’t get on tumblr/dA like at all today.

On another note—if you recognize me/my style from somewhere else, you get a free doodle ok. ‘Cause I know you want a crappy free doodle. Ttly.


Young Justice | Original Team | Full set as requested 

Sometimes RP is the only bright part of my day.

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