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- Iron Man, D-Smash!

- It’s party time!

Next: Thor [x]



Those reviews suggest a mid-season cancellation, but NEVER FEAR! It continues on Hulu due to fan demand.

This is a fanart of Lydia’s BUDDY COPS AU and I will probably roll out some drawings of CHIEF POTTS with FBI AGENT DANVERS AND ROGERS and other SHENANIGANS.

Included the non-text version for wallpaper purposes. :^)


Genius, billionaire, playboy, …plushy?! Tony Stark 2.0 - New and improved!


things you wouldn’t guess they had in common



Avenging Angels AU character series
- original idea was based on these brilliant GIF set: Azriel.tumblr.com
- and these are continuation from my previous test paint:here

Sorry,no Castiel Easter egg this time:/
and what else…ow u want Loki?
well, he has his glorious big spread pages alone~ but since i’m in the middle of organizing my fan artbook and i’m such a “scumbag” i decided to keep loki art for the book~

These are beautiful



I’m so sorry, buddy.

Color palette challenge to use only certain colors. It’s really old but I liked the idea!

SO gorgeous. 

Also: OW, right in the arc reactor. ;~;


Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Yes, he does have a light up arc reactor!

Tony: My armor’s fried. How am I supposed to get back to base?

Thor: Walk.

(Thor V3, #3)

I like when my friends team up to fight idiots.



Wow I dragged my feet on doing most of these for ages, but you guys were persistent and wore me down so heeeeere you go!

Bruce Banner: A calming tea on the surface, but with an overwhelming green force brewing below. [earl grey green, green pekoe, chamomile]

Tony Stark: Brash, Aggressive, and Rich. A blend at once frustrating and charming. [lapsang souchong, ginger, tiger eye]

Clint Barton: A slightly playful blend that may be hard to take very seriously, but will prove to be strictly business when under fire. [thai chai, assam melody, gunpowder]

Natasha Romanoff: A worldly blend, based off of Russian tea culture. A strong, smokey tea perfect for a busy spy. [lapsang souchong, assam melody, currant]

Thor: A deep, strong flavor, incredibly masculine, with bright notes of apricot. [ceylon sonata, apricot, toasted mate]

Loki: ‘So I am no more than another scorned idea, locked in your mental tea cabinet until you might have use of me? You could have told me it wouldn’t happen from the beginning! Why didn’t you? What, because I— I— I am the caffeinated blend parents won’t let their children try at night? You know, it all makes sense now, why you favoured Holmes all these years, because no matter how often you claim to make tea, you could never have a Frost Giant featured in your signature blends!’ [Thank you to the anonymous writer that left me this note, and prompted me to make a blend for Loki. Cool, refreshing, but just a bit dark, with a hint of floral undertones. This blend truly shines when iced.] [gunpowder, spearmint, rooibos jasmine]

Steve Rogers: As American as Apple Pie, perfectly sweet, but built for strength. [spiced apple chai, almond, assam melody]

Son of Coul: Strong, Reliable, motivating, and loyal to the end. A cup of tea worth Avenging. [toasted mate, tiger eye, chestnut

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