The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr



A few of my favorite bad ass Latinas

  • Lorena Marquez - Aquagirl
  • America Chavez - Miss America
  • Renee Montoya - The Question/Officer Montoya
  • Anya Corazon - Spider-Girl


More Huntress and Q.

More photos by Kevin from FanExpo 2010, full gallery here :) 


Jenn and Josh Helena and Vic have got swag. Is “swag” what we’re calling it these days? Back when we took this, it was just “douchebro.” Are douchebros swag? I don’t know.


idk if anyone else is keeping up with the Batgirl: Spoiled webseries production, but take a look at some of the ladies of the cast that have been posted to facebook: 

Best for last:

Poison Ivy is also featured but for some reason tumblr won’t let me upload?


I always have leftover con stuff, but there’s a lot that I’d like to “retire” to make room for newer stuff to avoid collapsing under the weight of my own convention kit (it’s a distinct possibility!). Since I adore you folks on Tumblr so much, GIVEAWAYS~

I have 5 lots of Bat-verse+Question themed bookmarks - 10 bookmarks in each lot. Entry will end at 11.59 EST on July 31st, winners announced in the evening of August 1st. 5 winners will be randomly drawn, one lot of 10 individual bookmarks for each.


  • Ask box must be “open” so I can get in contact with you - if you win but your ask isn’t open, another winner will be drawn. 
  • Likes and reblog count as one entry each, maximum of two entries per person (so 10 chances max, overall). 
  • A single person cannot win more than one lot for this draw. 
  • Tassel colours may vary. 

Entering or winning stuff from this giveaway will not prevent you from entering or winning from other giveaways I run.

Any questions? Hit up my ask!

Thanks for looking!


Queer Ladies of Comics:

  • Kate Kane (Batwoman)
  • Renee Montoya (The Question)
  • Anissa Pierce (Thunder)
  • Jenny Sparks
  • Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman. Note: HEAVILY IMPLIED.)
  • Karolina Dean
  • Scandal Savage
  • Grace Choi
  • Victoria Hand

If you can think of more, leave them in my ask and if I get enough, I’ll make another photoset <3

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