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A New Breed of Hero: The Posterchildren Review

Late last year, a campaign went live asking for people to help self-publish a novel about super-powered teens. The request was simple: $3500 to print the first small batch of books. The project went live on Indiegogo’s site on December 15th and ended a month later. This was a small project, put out by a superhero fan and author and passed along through Tumblr and online sharing. In the midst of the crowd-sourcing era, where projects can live and die by word of mouth, the outcome was unknown.

By the time the project closed on January 16th at midnight, it had raised over $18,000 - over five times the asking goal.

Read this review at DestroyTheCyborg!

Destroy The Cyborg has a Posterchildren review up! They also have the Hawkeye Annual and other fav comics. Check it out if you haven’t yet!


Superhero Manicure Art by Lumity


Private commissions of a duo of hero-themed characters. Elian and Lily by day, Wahya and Tsila by crime-fighting night!

These look like some cool heroes


Avengers Giveaway Part 1

In celebration of the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release of The Avengers on 9/25, enter for a chance to win my Black Widow Nouveau parody shirt!

How to Win
1. Follow RachaelMakesShirts on Tumblr
2. Reblog this post as many times as you like to increase your odds and mention which shirt you want to win
3. Keep you ask box open - this is how I will contact the winner!

Everyone is eligible, anywhere! Make sure you reblog this from your main blog account - no secondary blogs, please.

The winner will be chosen via a random number generator and notified on September 26th at 6PM EST. I will contact the winner through their Tumblr Ask Box, so make sure yours is open. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, then I will choose another winner.

Part 2 of the giveaway is on my Facebook page!

(This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed. administered by, or associated with Tumblr.)

Damian Wayne: without mask


Raven , Teen Titans … wow 0_0 … DC comics



Character: Wonderman

Series: Marvel Comics


“I felt myself crossing the line. But is there even a line to cross anymore? Does it even matter? Batman is dead, right? And I’m sure as hell not Robin.” - Tim Drake

Red Robin 

Tim Drake - Red Robin

Cosplayer: Myself

Location: Gotham City … er which coincidentally looks like the back alleys of Centerpoint, Hobart, Australia.

Photography: Kuukun

Postprocessing: Myself

Thank you everyone who came and helped out on this shoot, Brodie, Misun, Red, Sai and Nay! For all your photog-ing, kidnapping and gangsta-ing you were all utterly brilliant ;D  

 ♚❖♧ Red Robin ♧❖♚

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