The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr

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using school cintiqs to draw some tiny batgirl busts


Steph/Batgirl art by Erica Chan


mosiac-style batgirl selfie 

tiffany is so awesome 


Batgirl Inc Issue #1 Omnibus

144 images


+ Full 34 Page Full-Color Comic, Issue #1 by max & thugg

+ Developmental Concept Art 

+ All Concept Art Submissions from YOU.

+ Collaborative Features:

  • Batgirls Detective Agency No. I : The Case of The Poisoned Pies
  • Robin Inc(apacitated)
  • Lights! Camera! Nope.
  • En Garde
  • It’s Only The End If You Want It To Be No. 1 : ‘Countdown’

Download: [link]

Please download, share and spread the word. We can’t do it without your interest and support!  Thank you for everything so far!

"That is the most goofiest girl I have ever seen."

"No. The bravest.” (x)(x)


Stephanie Brown in Batgirl: Future’s End

When it got dark, Batgirl went away. And she never, ever went back. But in another way—a better, more loving way— Batgirl never really left at all.


when it got dark, batgirl went away. and she never, ever went back.




So is anyone else upset that they finally gave us Cass & Steph back in the role of Bat-fam, but in a storyline meant for a “Dark Future” that they’re trying to prevent from happening? Like it’s cool they’re in the one-shot issue…

But will we ever get them back again? Remember that after this issue we’re going back to Barbra. Barbra in a cool new costume mind you, but still BARBRA.

Conflicted feelings.

No, I feel the same. I’m conflicted because after EVERYTHING about how Babs was “Always meant to be Batgirl”, that all other Batgirls were retconned out of existence during the reboot but not Robins, this feels like baiting. And I mean, they’re always about money but everything about Steph and Cass since 2007 has been sly comments and dismissal.

I WANT to go out and get the issue and enjoy it but I don’t know if I can

Stephanie Brown
Batgirl Futures end


BatgirlThe futures end #1

If this isn’t fan baiting at it’s worst, I don’t know what is


Barbara and Steph for flikky

Batgirl #26


Batgirl #20


omg is that her first joke

i think that’s her first joke

Batgirl #27

timsteph + 11?



Popsicle battle. :D

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