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I won’t be able to see the movie until this weekend, and I’m sure I will love it.


hottiemcgreeneyes said:BuckyNat where he trains her during their days in the Red Room

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Today I watched “Captain America:The Winter Soldier”.

Bucky broke my heart~~~

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Pierce, Bucky, and all my ugly feelings.

…also I’m pretty sure I’ll be in love with Robert Redford forever.

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if it was down to me to save your life, would you trust me to do it?


Natasha Natasha Natasha Natasha

Just ahhhhhhhhh

Bucky’s fucking costume is straight from the fucking comics


#i bet while jackson was on his way out of town#he stopped over at danny’s house with his douchey jacket and his stupid big sunglasses and was like#’beacon hills fucking sucks i was a lizard for like a month you need to stay out of this shit btw im a werewolf sicccccck’#and danny was just standing there with his banana’s and yogurt like ‘did u just backflip off my porch??? also where are you going’

I love how after Deb confronts Dexter about being a serial killer, he looks at the Ice Truck Killer hand and goes “and why the hell is this here?”




I was just looking at this gif and noticed something. Anna’s ice form is so cold, that it actually starts to freeze Han’s sword as it gets closer to her hand. I never knew why it broke but now I do. It’s so beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

You know I never actually thought about that! Which would make sense why Elsa could touch her because with her powers the cold/ice wouldn’t bother her. But if anyone else touched Anna her frozen form might have hurt them (I’m thinking like what dry ice can do to someone).

Which just gutted me more because that means Elsa went from being the only person who couldn’t touch Anna to the only person who could. 

How dare you make me feel




If it wasn’t for him being a attempted murderer they would be a cute couple

Minor issues

everyones a bit of a fixer upper

Bluebird… has a nice ring to it.

I saved the underworld from itself. Nobody else could do it.

So I did it.


Spoiler and Bluebird

omg how amazing!

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