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Steph x3.put some new colors on this one.

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Stephanie Brown


Spoiler -Batman Eternal 024


Stephanie Brown in Batgirl: Future’s End


So… Bleeding Cool posted this page from Batwing: Futures End #1, pointing out how the woman speaking may or may not be Cassandra Cain. However, I can’t see this going over well, as the only possibilities I can think of are all pretty bad.

1. Say that is Cassandra. Why does she look blonde? Did they whitewash her?

2. As Rich Johnston pointed out, the blonde hair and the purple color scheme could make her Stephanie Brown. However, if it is, why would it be her? If she’s supposed to be Batgirl her, why does her costume resemble the Black Bat costume? Cassandra and Stephanie have different post-Batgirl identities, and Stephanie would be Knightwing. If this is what Stephanie will be like in the future, assuming she becomes something after Batgirl, why would they make her Black Bat? That’s just taking Cassandra’s codename and slapping it onto Stephanie, as though, because they were both Batgirls, they might as well share other codenames.

3. That is someone else entirely. If you were going to bother to include someone wearing a costume designed like Cassandra, why not just use Cassandra?

They could’ve been approved to use Cass and then changed their mind, therefore calling for a recolor (albeit, a very lazy one). It happened with Smallville’s Nightwing. They might’ve tried to push it off as Steph.

Whatever it is, it’s bad and it’s obvious. But not surprising, because we all know that DC cannot handle bat females.


30 Day DC comics challenge - day 1

Favorite female hero - Stephanie Brown / Robin IV / Spoiler / Batgirl V 


Batgirl - Stephanie Brown by Nami06 on Deviantart.

Photography by CannedColors.



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"Spoiler Alert. No damn way." -Stephanie Brown/Spoiler (Batman Eternal 020)


Stephanie Brown is finally the Spoiler

Is this real?


Nightwing #100 & Spoiler #55

I’m still acepting # and characters! It wouldn’t be fast since I’m a bit busy, but I’ll do pretty much everything as log as palette you choose wasn’t already used and I know requested character and he\she\it also wasn’t used. I’m really going to complete whole challenge, so… go on xD


endless list of my favourite comic characters (1/?) - Stephanie Brown / Spoiler / Robin / Batgirl

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