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You got a favorite guilty pleasure ship? Or maybe just a single pairing that you're weirdly attached to?

My RP Steph is married to Jason Todd, some people think that’s weird. 

Yeah, I have a few guilty pleasure ships. I ship Bruce with, uh, Steph sometimes. It’s really weird, it was only because of this one fanfic about young bruce meeting Steph and well, I ship Steph with everyone practically (except Damian. Literally, I think he’s the only one). But really, that’s the only ship I’ve never actually admitted to because I despise mentor/student ships. But I don’t like, actively search for it.

Also, RP has lead to Bucky Barnes/Stephanie Brown. Don’t ask. Please don’t. I’m ashamed. 


4/27 - R.I.P.

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Oh now its “Ora-Cutie” Oh who thinks Steph and Harls would be great friends? I do. Also look a Dick and Babs moment. 


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