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Hawkeye Annual #1

Okay… this looks bad.

Our site hasn’t covered any of this series since our look at Hawkeye #1 last year. Since then, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye has grown into something amazing; amassing a sizable readership, large followings across social media, and excellent t-shirts.

Hawkeye Annual #1 takes a slight divergence from the main storyline and follows Kate Bishop on her jaunt to the west coast.  Fed up with Clint’s doom and gloom and the events with the tracksuit mafia, Kate takes pizza dog and heads west to sunny California.  LA to be exact. Because what is there in California besides LA?  “Nothing, that’s what,” the guy from Oakland, CA said ironically. But, come on. Why’s it always gotta be LA?

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San Diego Comic Con - Gif Set 1.
Hopefully will do more of these, so many awesome cosplayers to fit in.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-I3h15VgyE

I’ve been GIF’d!  Also check out Sneaky Zebras SDCC video, so much awesome on one place.


New #Phoenix #Marvel #AvengersAlliance photo! By Patrick Calilung! Costume made by me! This is so cool!


You don’t know what you’ll find
You don’t know what she hides
So don’t go messing with a heart
Or messing with a mind

An experiment with pairing watercolors and watercolor pencils, a callback to Natasha’s connection with ballet, and a lot of hours that I didn’t mean to put into this.

I’m adding Scarlett Johansson to the list of people I can’t draw, because this doesn’t look a damn thing like her. I still rather like it, though.


❝ Fan says she’s a converted from “the other company” and the panel asks if she feels better — she says “yes!” Panel says, “You want us to bring back Stephanie Brown? You got it!” ❞


Marvel: Cup O’ Joe Panel

(via g-stomping-ground)

Come here. You’ve got a head you don’t need.


Lady  Sif Supernova Perth 2012

Submitted by femmescreamdeviantart

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Kitty Pryde being a Bad ass with a katana. What more can you ask for?

Cosplayer: Sørine Karlsson

Submitted by Michael la-Cour [facebook.com/simpleartsDk]


Shadow Cat/Kitty Pryde - Wall hack

Submitted by Michael la-Cour [facebook.com/simpleartsDk]


X-23 by Alejandralvarez

My X-23 cosplay :3 yeah, I know that my claws might not be ok; but my boyfriend hadn’t so much time to work on it… but I’m satisfied. Now it’s time to improve it!
Pic taken in Pordenone, 13.05.2012

Photo by Alberto Cimitan

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"C’mon, Lucky."




We now bring you Batgirls beating men up. Because.

Reblog and add more Bat-ladies and other DC and Marvel women beating guys up. Because.


PHOTO BY TOM FORBES / Phoenix Comicon ‘13

Sara Moni as Ultimate Wasp

Submitted by neonbrightblack [facebook.com/SaraMoniCosplay]

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