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Daddy Daycare

"Some superheroes don’t have capes…

They are called DADS.”

*Looks at calendar* I’m a day late for Father’s Day… OH, WELL!! And I saw that quote on a random greeting card. XD
Here’re my VERY OLD Father’s day drawings.
[2011] [2012]

And here’s what I made for Mother’s day!

Just little something I made~ And oh gosh, I WAS SO SCARED OF DRAWING BABIES. Because I never drew so much babies ever. asfdfhgjhkhlj;k

Oh, and a bonus doodle sketch, too! HEEHEE. Cheer up, Damian! He’s just really grumpy because Dick left all the babies for Dami to babysit while the dads plus Donna have a nice night out. XD

I rarely draw kids. Gosh… (T▽T) It’s my first time drawing a lot of these kids. Hope they look fine!

AND HERE’S TO ALL THE FATHERS OUT THERE! Good job for being awesome and helping in making us. HEEHEE! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I promise.


너무 더워서 이런거를 그리고 있다.

더위먹은거 같다. ㅇ<-<


tomorrowwoman came up with the best idea of Starfire “losing” little Mar’i in her own hair and sending Dick to find their precious child. I’m sorry it took so long sweetie, I hope you like it \o

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