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a commission! i’ve been wanting to draw kate and tommy together for ages so i’m glad i got the chance

Also going to offer these guys for $10 plus shipping! Each is about 4-6” and hand made from 100% fleece. 

All payment made through paypal


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And I can’t help but to fall for you

Doing some more lovely procrastination with Kate and Tommy (And also one of my group members just kicked out another one from the group for not handing in something in time and omg I think shit is going down soon…) 

This took forever to do and I can’t commit to a style for the love of my life but I liked the outcome and hope you enjoy it as well (How do one draw background? Like clouds and such! D: xD)


Tommy; “Please Kate, don’t go… Hold on to me…”

Another what if; What if they get Tommy back but Kate somehow gets sucked into a different dimension which she won’t be able to escape? I dunno, I guess I just love to break people’s hearts… Sorry…. Ah, I’m not sorry at all

Lazy coloring and lazy art. Hope you like it anyway 8D


Hawkeye Annual #1

Okay… this looks bad.

Our site hasn’t covered any of this series since our look at Hawkeye #1 last year. Since then, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye has grown into something amazing; amassing a sizable readership, large followings across social media, and excellent t-shirts.

Hawkeye Annual #1 takes a slight divergence from the main storyline and follows Kate Bishop on her jaunt to the west coast.  Fed up with Clint’s doom and gloom and the events with the tracksuit mafia, Kate takes pizza dog and heads west to sunny California.  LA to be exact. Because what is there in California besides LA?  “Nothing, that’s what,” the guy from Oakland, CA said ironically. But, come on. Why’s it always gotta be LA?

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and props to you photobombing dude


I bought Marie Claire because of the free gift - Avons super shock gelliner (really good btw, but its SO soft it’s a little hard to control and also runs down kinda quick, but feck it the mag was only 5€ Also a sample of CK Euphoria which i now NEED)

So yes, urge to draw clothes - Kate is my first victim.


…I’m not cool enough to draw Kate Bishop. I can’t even wear sunglasses without looking ridiculous, attempting to draw Kate Bishop was probably too ambitious. Fun, but too ambitious, I should probably stick to talking sausages. Or to talking with sausages. °__°

(These brushes make everything 300% cooler. But even they are no match for Kate Bishop.) 

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Kate Bishop (by V Threepio)

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SWEET.  Really really looking forward to your pages in Hawkguy 7, sir! :D


on the topic of commissions, this is an old one someone asked for of Kate Bishop/Hawkeye II

herp i don’t normally post commissions but since they’re copyrighted characters anyway 8I;;

proof i can draw girls too sob


You were lying wide awake in the garden / Try and you’ll get over your stardom / And I could never see you depart us / And you’re my baby / You’re Just Another Girl

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