The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr

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More tommykate family! Headcanon they have twin girls named Cassie and Maggie *u*


kick his ass baby i got yo flower

I did warn you that I wasn’t done with the belt buckle


This reminded me of Kate Bishop! So cute!


Young Avengers v2 - [1/7] - Kate Bishop

I have no powers and not nearly enough training, but I’m doing this anyway. Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it.


Clint and Kate according to Lucky [x]

Tim Drake - Red Robin [x]

Pro-Bending Championships [x]



Sit down Clint, Katie’s got that.


what can i type here to sound cool um

well it’s kate bishop! older?? costume redesign thing again. yep.


half-remembered daydream of kate i tried to scribble

critical mission failure

Katie, don’t you die down here. I’ll never forgive myself if you do.


I tried to fashion but then I remembered that I can’t :c


A cute pattern based off the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comics! Featuring the Bullseye, Chevron, and Heart, show your love for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop wherever you go!

Also available as prints, stationary cards, laptop skins, ipad skins/cases. and wall clocks.

Buy them @ society6.com/helterskelterxo

Please do not remove the credits/text as this is currently my only source of income at the moment. Thank you.

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Destroy everything you touch today
Destroy me this way
Anything that may desert you
So it cannot hurt you 

Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch"

My good friend Bryan (who also cosplayed Clint Barton! Hawkeye) took these photos of me on top of a very high parking garage during Fanime weekend and oh boy, it was probably the scariest thing I’ve done for a cosplay. Thankfully I was safe and he taught me VERY well in the ways of archery! I’m waiting on other shoots of Team Hawkguy but needless to say, I am VERY pleased with how this outfit turned out!

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