The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr

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Alice and Hatter fail to scare Merida (x)

rainy disney (x)


princess tutu…

Tomoe Mami + Bebe


A friend of mine sent this to me as a present.

From Birds of Prey with art by Butch Guice

Thanks riotorange. ;D

 Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Episode 1 : Mami's transformation 

One of the rules I gave to the Kaiju designers is, I wanted to think how a man in a suit would fit in there. The spirit and feeling of the classical Kaiju, we are keeping them mostly two legged, not humanoid but sort of a silhouette that reminds you of those classical ones […] The first way you can do scale is context. Within the Kaiju itself, the texture, when you look close, you see what looks like a scale and then you go closer and there’s a bunch of bumps and cracks that give you the scale. If you do a close up in a six foot, seven foot, eight foot tall monster, you never get that close, you never get the sense of texture that you get with a Kaiju. - Guillermo Del Toro

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sweet mornings progress gif

Mako Mori (Pacific Rim)

Mako Mori (Pacific Rim)


disneyyandmore’s screencap/gif challenge

↳ 10 Couples: Aurora and Phillip (#09)

But don’t you remember? We’ve met before.”

"We…we have?"

"But of course! You said so yourself. Once upon a dream."


summer dance party

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You were lying wide awake in the garden / Try and you’ll get over your stardom / And I could never see you depart us / And you’re my baby / You’re Just Another Girl

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