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There are things in life that hurt

And they hurt because they were important



I like both Peej’s old and new costume :3 And if I’m not wrong, Helena Wayne jumped to Earth-1 and was living as Helena Bertinelli the whole time under a fake identity :U


Okay now I’m mad

I feel like I’ve been fucked with the whole time when I was reading the Huntress mini :U

I mean, if they had said at the beginning it was Helena Wayne, I’d be cool with it, considering that she’s been benched for like forever. 

But DC made me believe it was my flawless Italian mafia princess bamf and now they say she’s a different person instead.




“Was any of it real? Was I ever really Robin?”
“Of course you were.”


DC Women Kicking Ass: Okay, who has the Robin fetish at DC Comics?


From the usually reliable folks at Bleeding Cool comes news of a book which seems to ready made for for me to rage and mock about at the same time. If it is true. Which it probably is.

I understand, from a well placed source, that the current tittle tattle around the Batbooks is that Jeff…

Just what we need, guys. More books with the bat boys. Because it’s not like they all have a book in the DCnU while two female members of the bat family are in limboland.

I hope this is not true.

If they don’t put Steph, Cass and Helena in a damn book soon I will be cross. 

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