The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Nicolas Jebran Haute Couture | F/W ‘12-‘13

People will stare. Make it worth their while →  Tony Ward Haute Couture | F/W ‘12-‘13

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This reminded me of Kate Bishop! So cute!


ELIE SAAB Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Part 1

PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013

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Oh hey, those Batgirl Dr. Martens are on sale for $48 and have free standard shipping in the US! Use coupon code TAKE20SALE and start stomping around Gotham in style~

Game of Thrones Season 4 + Costume Porn


Margaery Tyrell

Tarek Sinno Couture, Spring 2014

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I defiantly logged onto Tumblr at the right time! Wore my Scifeyecandy Wonder Woman bikini at Colossalcon and ended up doing underwater photos with Anna :)


Fouad Sarkis - Spring Summer 2014 + Details
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NEW SHIRT! Mt. Moon Pokemon Beer Label
T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, totes, pillows, and more

All hail the Helix Fossil.


Costume designed by Gabriella Pescucci for Michelle Pfeiffer in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999)

From Tirelli Costumi

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Dany Tabet S/S 2014 Haute Couture

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