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Con And Meta-Con: San Diego Comic-Con 2014

The ridiculous and the sublime of Comic-Con 2014 summed up in one photograph. Back in 2011, I remember hearing an interview with Zachary Levi as he was preparing to launch Nerd HQ to run concurrently with San Diego Comic-Con. He envisioned a San Diego that became like Austin during the SXSW Festival; a host of parties, off-site events and shows attended by con-goers and non-con-goers alike could attend and enjoy. This year felt like the first year his vision was realized. Between Nerd HQ, fan-organized meetups and events, and shows like W00tstock 6.0 (which was a lot of fun), @midnight, & the Welcome To Night Vale/Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover performance, there were plenty of events that people without badges could enjoy and still feel like they are a part of the event.

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DC Comics Puts ALL the Robins on Sale

There are still folks who will argue that Stephanie Brown wasn’t a “real” Robin. She was, of course. And its always nice to see DC recognize it as they do in this promo for their Robin 101 sale even if they don’t have a picture of her. 


More pics of wonderful times for cosplay. Me as Deathstroke and Falcon. It looks like I’m about to jump out of a plane in one of them. Black Widow has my back though. Or maybe that Winter Soldier does.


Cosplayer ItsLisaLouWho looking too cute as Harley Quinn!

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In honor of 75 years of Batman thought I’d post some new photos I got back of my Stephanie Brown costume!
Costume made by me, cowl by ReevzFX and Photos by LazyCat !


Black Bat Chronicle: Cassandra’s Not Useless
from Gates of Gotham #3 2011-09 digital 1280x1920

Issue #3 is a no action affair with Damian being prickly as ever. It’s nice to see Tim stick up for Cass with some pretty strong words for Damian.

Cassie not speaking or, if she does, using short sentences is right on. And her team up with Dick as Batman is nice to see. I can’t help but wonder if she would have made a good Robin, if only for a short while.

Happy Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month!


Art by Mark Henry Bustamante


Batgirl (of Burnside)

Becky Cloonan Draws the “new” Batgirl Not Wearing her New Costume


In case you missed it, DC Comics announced a new look and new team for Batgirl this week. One of the cowriters of the book Brenden Fletcher is also co-writing Gotham Academy with Becky Cloonan.

Cloonan, the first woman to draw an issue of Batman, just tweeted out her take on Batgirl. I’ve notice that many of the concerns about the refreshed look of the character is that she looks so young. I confirmed with Brenden that the character is still 21, the age she was reset too during the new 52 launch. I think in Cloonan’s piece below she looks that age. 


I actually don’t think the Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart pieces look that far off from 21 either. 

Very few comic artists are able to draw young women that look, well, appropriately young. Take a look at the eyesore cover where Wonder Girl  is supposed to be in her teens (actually let me save your eyes - don’t look). 

The style of art matters as well. I’ve been spending time rereading Cass Cain’s run as Batgirl and there were some points where both Cass and Barbara looked the same age due to the artwork.

There is an incredible amount of artwork that has shown up on my dash over the last few days featuring Batgirl’s new look. Most of it is being curated at the Batgirl of Burnside Tumblr set up by Cameron Stewart.

If you haven’t, go take a look. 

How do you feel about the response to the new Batgirl design? Just looking on Tumblr, I'm... Really impressed and amazed at how quickly everyone seems to have taken to it - You should be really pleased.


I am overwhelmed and ecstatic and grateful and vindicated. I couldn’t be happier with the tidal wave of support and sincere joy that’s come our way, the (literally) hundreds of pieces of fan art that are being breathlessly drawn faster than I can look at them, the cosplayers already choosing fabrics and causing yellow Dr Martens boots to sell out online. The huge response is a clear sign that despite our detractors we’ve really tapped into something that was waiting to explode. But all of this is for naught if everyone doesn’t actually *buy the book* - so I would really strongly urge everyone who loves the new Batgirl to PREORDER at your local comic shop. Tell them you want it, show your retailer the same excitement for Batgirl that you’ve shown us.

Thanks for all the love, it is returned to you in full.



This will forever piss me off.


Under the Red Hood → Jason Todd being a cute douchebag
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