The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr



“The replacing of Stephanie Brown with Barbara Gordon in an upcoming story arc of Smallville has been handled by those in charge has made me completely sure of one thing: I’m DONE with DC Comics. There are so many things I love about the DCU and still several books that I appreciate and enjoy, but I WON’T support a company that has such an utter lack of respect for its characters, fans, AND creators.”


“rob liefield writing deathstroke is ruining the characters persona”

This picture…. What is this picture. Who thinks this is cool? Oh Deathstroke.


“Nightrunner needs to get his own title ASAP.”


“I feel guilty because a portion of the fanbase has made me grow to strongly dislike Batman and the Gothamverse, mostly because they seem intent on having him tear down my favorite character, Superman. I know it’s not right, but the way people talk about how Batman is so much cooler than Superman all the time really makes me hate him.”

I actually don’t blame you, OP.


“I love how complicated and emotionally heavy Jason Todd is, but unfortunately, it seems to me that’s the reason so many writers have gotten him wrong.”


“I cried reading Batgirl #24.”

I’m not ashamed. Just sad.


“One of the worst things about the reboot is the wasted potential. They could have used it to reinvent characters in a creative way whilst still keeping the best of the old DCU. Instead, they made so many wrong decisions.”


“I don’t care if you can quote every line from every issue dating back to the early 80s, or if you’ve just seen a handful of episodes of Justice League Unlimited. A fan is a fan is a fan.”

Wonder Twins, Spoiler and Cass. All in that left lower corner. Awesome.



Now I should totes be sleeping right now as I write this, but I wanted to type this up in the hopes that it will get something accomplished.

Ask me what my favorite comic book company is and I’ll tell you Marvel. Then DC. No order specifically like when I was younger, but I’ve grown to enjoy both universes not only because of the books, but the rp’ers that I’ve met during my time on Twitter.

When I came in I was following the bells of a fantastic Harley Quinn rp’er, and decided to try and make an OC since a lot of of the canon characters were either taken or too tough for me. I didn’t think of my OC being considered a DC since we were rping with Marvel characters as well, and it kind of got on my nerves to get mixed in like that at first. But now it doesn’t bother me at all, since I know I enjoy both ‘verses.

There are moments when sometimes I don’t remember certain events or exact details of characters, and I feel kind of awkward. But I feel like it gives me a chance to learn about what I missed and get familiar with it, which will get conversations started.

The point of this that I’m trying to make is that even if that bit of awkwardness appears, don’t let it stop you from joining in and talking with those you’ve gotten to know pretty well. Don’t feel like you have to stay on one side of the fence, when you can just jump into the middle of the yard. Just think of it as learning about something new. Because you’ll never know what could develop from a simple friendship, to a loving relationship.

You guys are all awesome to me. I could care less which universe you represent. Because I’m biuniversal.

When Rion doesn’t troll me, he speaks the truth. When he’s not getting shot.

Honestly, for all my “Not a Marvel” speak, it’s just a joke to me, since I am obviously very much interested in Marvel (Spoiler Alert?). It’s not even that I know DC more, it’s that I know the BATFAMILY, who happens to be DC. Seriously, I know Gotham City. I don’t know Metropolis. (And hated all things Super until SOMEONE made me start really liking Superboy, dammit)

I’m glad I fell into a group so open to both sides and ones that are willing to share their interests with me and are interested in mine as well. I’m glad I can share the Gotham-love and am thankful they shared their X-Genes with me. And maybe some Avenger nonsense. 


Ewan McGregor is the reason why I’m in love with Scottish accents



……….ONE of the reasons why, at least…. >_>


I never enjoyed the character Hush, until I started reading his dialogue in Will Arnett’s G.O.B. voice.”



Hush will NEVER be the same.


I actually liked the Green Lantern movie.”

It wasn’t as bad as people said. In my opinion, it was on the same level as Thor. I’m not exactly sure WHY Thor was so “mind-blowing” for some people, I thought the story was pretty mediocre. I liked the story in Green Lantern.

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