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Top Spinners – The New Generation Academy Mutants X

So over the past few weeks, we’ve established that spin offs happen all the time; sometimes when you least expect them and often when you don’t want them, but they happen. Comics might have been doing them longer than most but it’s largely due to their serialized nature and high production speed. There is, however, a format that rivals the humble comic book in its serialized nature. A mainstay of television for decades, common in almost every country that produces its own programming, sometimes weekly, sometimes five-days-a-week; I refer, of course, to the soap opera. “Soapies” (as we call them in Australia) often have a large, almost ensemble cast, with various plotlines running through several groups of characters which, often, never intersect. These stories can continue on for weeks, months, sometimes years, with characters ageing not a single day, and barely even finishing their cup of coffee. As the years pass actors move on, as do the characters they play, and eventually new characters need to be added. After three marriages, a sex change and coming back from the dead, a character may not have quite the verisimilitude they once had, making it hard to give them new, believable stories. Obviously, a lot of soap operas ignore this rule, and many comics do too, but Chris Claremont, who wrote the X-Men for a sixteen year span between 1975 and 1991, didn’t.

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The Weekly Pull List - September 17th, 2014

It’s another beautiful week for comic books. And we at DTC are pretty darn excited about this week (well, we’re always excited about comics, so…). Check it and let is know… What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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using school cintiqs to draw some tiny batgirl busts


Cosplayer Aralinna as epic heroine The Huntress!

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Harley and Ivy commission


© Nicole Ciaramella

Mostflogged's Flashpoint Mera; 2014

[Trident by Chantal Winters]


what do you mean i cant do magical girls of superhero ocs 

more magical girls here o(〃^▽^〃)o


arises from the dead to post more marvel magical girls that completely ignore avengers arena & avengers undercover 

more magical girls here o(〃^▽^〃)o


Ym Annataz Yalpsoc ! <3

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Have you read Batman/Superman #13 yet? Did you spot a certain Easter egg? :)

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