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Have you read Batman/Superman #13 yet? Did you spot a certain Easter egg? :)


Batgirl - Stephanie Brown by Nami06 on Deviantart.

Photography by CannedColors.


Klarion and Stephanie

Batgirl #18


Trees #1-3

I’ve never seen a series slow play a plot like this before. The series, written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Jason Howard, and produced by Image got lots of hype preceding the release of the series in May of 2014. The basic premise of the series is that ten years ago a bunch of gigantic cylindrical things landed on Earth. Imagine what you would get if a skyscraper and a tree (hence the name) had a baby which they fed steroids instead of milk. These things are bigger than that. Either oblivious or indifferent toward the already existing occupants of the planet, they’ve basically just been chilling out and occasionally venting large amount of toxic and corrosive slime onto the surrounding area.

After three issues, I’m still not sure what’s going on. The story bounces around between a number of different characters, through which we learn snippets of the current state of affairs. All of this, I’m sure, will start to coalesce into something more tangible as the series progresses further. Most of their stories, however, have very little do with the trees, either directly or at all. Which pretty well reflects man-kind’s overall attitude toward the trees. This is a novel story concept for me and one that I’m enjoying quite a bit.

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Con And Meta-Con: San Diego Comic-Con 2014

The ridiculous and the sublime of Comic-Con 2014 summed up in one photograph. Back in 2011, I remember hearing an interview with Zachary Levi as he was preparing to launch Nerd HQ to run concurrently with San Diego Comic-Con. He envisioned a San Diego that became like Austin during the SXSW Festival; a host of parties, off-site events and shows attended by con-goers and non-con-goers alike could attend and enjoy. This year felt like the first year his vision was realized. Between Nerd HQ, fan-organized meetups and events, and shows like W00tstock 6.0 (which was a lot of fun), @midnight, & the Welcome To Night Vale/Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover performance, there were plenty of events that people without badges could enjoy and still feel like they are a part of the event.

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DC Comics Puts ALL the Robins on Sale

There are still folks who will argue that Stephanie Brown wasn’t a “real” Robin. She was, of course. And its always nice to see DC recognize it as they do in this promo for their Robin 101 sale even if they don’t have a picture of her. 


not only have i not really drawn in like a month, i definitely have not digitally drawn…. it took me like 6 hours to kick my ass into gear to work, and this still isn’t work but. oh well. lmao let’s call this a warmup.

eta: if you’re wondering if that’s a galaxy print bat snapback on tim’s head, you wouldn’t believe what i found at hot topic


Batgirl of Burnside


Nightwing #100 & Spoiler #55

I’m still acepting # and characters! It wouldn’t be fast since I’m a bit busy, but I’ll do pretty much everything as log as palette you choose wasn’t already used and I know requested character and he\she\it also wasn’t used. I’m really going to complete whole challenge, so… go on xD


Cosplayer ItsLisaLouWho looking too cute as Harley Quinn!

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Lazarus #5-9

As many people as there are who are into the science fiction comics these days, I’m always surprised that I don’t hear more from people about Lazarus. While I get as excited as the next person when it comes to series like Saga and East of West, Greg Rucka’s take on science fiction always has a special place in my mind.  And in many cases, it’s the series that I get most excited for. I think the biggest draw is how close the series seems to be to reality. While the biological and technological advances still seem somewhat fantastical, they’re based in enough fact to make you believe these things are possible. From biological research in stem cells, to GMO’s, to weapons and medical technologies, readers of Lazarus that follow up with basic informational searches can see that much of the series is based on extrapolations of current discoveries. And while that kind of stuff may seem clinical and boring to some, it’s this kind of science fiction that makes me not only appreciate a series’ story and artwork, but also the time, thought, and research that went into creating it.

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