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Bows by Lavender Latte Shop

Was looking for bows and found these adorable ones. I want so many. 



Pencils & Inks by Eduardo Francisco

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Colors by Teodoro Gonzales

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Comic book men by nebezial

yes. more of this. less sexy mary marvel

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Too early for snow?


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Sasha Bordeaux* was personal body guard for hire. At the behest of the police and shareholders she became hooked client Bruce Wayne in Detective Comics #751 after No Man’s Land and quickly discovered his alter ego. She became his apprentice and started up as a vigilante until the murder of Vesper Fairchild, one of Bruce’s ex-girlfriends.

Both were framed for the murder and arrested without solid alibis and strong evidence planted against them. Sasha had several chances to recant on her boss and reveal his secret but she kept it out of loyalty and love for him even after he had broken out and left her in Blackgate alone. While in prison she was bullied and then murdered.

Bruce tracked her death to Checkmate, a secret government organization he butted heads with and discovered Sasha was not dead but recruited. With her formidable skills she was an asset to the organization. She underwent surgery to change her appearance and discarded her old life as a bodyguard. 

Sasha works her way up through Checkmate eventually working right hand to Maxwell Lord. When all hell breaks loose, she betrays the crazy man by warning Batman and gets captured. During all the OMAC skirmish, she’s turned into a OMAC cyborg. She retains her human figure and free will but with changes like in her eye. 

She eventually becomes Black Queen of Checkmate and dates Mr. Terrific and is an amazing awesome chick, you should read about her.


  • Detective Comics 751 (first appearence)
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne, Murder? and Fugitive volumes
  • OMAC
  • Checkmate Vol 2
  • Final Crisis Resist

*Those are all the same person in the photoset. Crazy right?  She’s that cool



Supes and Bats’s coffee date via Miss Kit Quinn

"Superma’am and Batma’am sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee together and discuss very important work savey type things.

Fun fact, Supes got coffee and Bats got hot chocolate, but we switched for the photo because we felt our characters would get the opposite drink”

Miss Kit Quinn / Superma’am:  facebook / deviantart / twitter

Tallest Silver / Batma’am:  facebook / deviantart

holy crap, this has a lot of reblogs

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always liked this cover

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Batman by Dustin Nguyen

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Batman of Shanghai.

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Batman: The Court of Owls

Feb. 2013

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