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War Games #24

Stephanie thinks of Tim and her baby in the moments before her “death.”

All the War Games scans in the Steph tag are killing me daily.


*Heart breaks* Oh Tim. Oh Bruce.


“Like I said, you got hear kiddo. What say we cut it open and get a look at it? Naw, don’t worry. I’m kidding. Just reliving a fond memory. If you’re still alive, I plan to keep you that way— for a few hours longer. Why you ask? Partly because you’re brave and intrepid and don’t give up. But mostly because we never got to finish our conversation.”

War Games: Black Mask and Spoiler: Part #1- Comic Photoset



Nightwing #97 (War Games)

“Timmy, please…”


Nightwing 99

This has always been one of my favorite scenes. Because Bruce is like “Stephanie is dead” and Nightwing is shocked. And Batman has to explain how awful it was. But he immediately follows up with “but…this was all her fault” as if that’s the only way he can justify her death, that he can understand the situation and Dick calls him out on it. Bruce is blaming Stephanie’s death on herself because it’s too hard to realize that a young girl who trained under him is dead. DEAD. And she was TORTURED because of who she was and her involvement. Yes, Stephanie was the spark that started the fire, but that was no reason for her death. I just love that Dick never blames her for what happened. He tries to use it against her in Batgirl v3 but I think in the end he realizes he can’t BE Bruce about it.


#Batman 634

All my tears and sadness.

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