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A really old file I found on my hard drive… Tim Drake in costume and civvies.


- Robin Minis II, 1

Tim wants friends, not a crowd. Wise decision, that.


Red Robin - Tim Drake



So I wanna talk more about Tim’s issues with school because they’re really interesting to his character.

We know Tim’s very smart. One of the main of Tim’s run as Robin is that he’s the Robin that uses his intelligence over his lack of strength (not to say Tim doesn’t have strength, mind you). He’s the thinker, the strategist, the one who maps out a plan for a battle like he’s playing a game of chess. There’s a thing that comes with intelligence that one must love school and well at it, but with Tim—this seems to come up a lot instead:




These are subjects that we figure Tim would know, too, considering what he does for a living at night. Yet, he really genuinely has a problem with these classes. I said in another post that Tim only tolerates school because he needs a cover for Robin, but even then you would assume Tim could do well in it.

But here it’s seems more like Tim’s at all the top of class like we tend to assume. He instead seems to be just an average student and often times gets lost in class. Mind you, not because he doesn’t know, but because he zones out/falls asleep so much that he misses material.

But give the man a straight up test?


Dude can ace it with out almost flying colors without trying.

We know Tim’s smart—way above the level the schools he goes to give him credit for, but he finds himself a lot of times failing due to being Robin and also, in my opinion, being uninterested with what they gave him. Which is kind of a genius kid thing to do, in my opinion. He knows this stuff, of course he does, but he doesn’t feel the need to apply himself, so when he’s put in these classes, he doesn’t pay attention and that leads him to miss stuff and fail.

And I really love that about Tim, too. Tim’s story is that he fails a lot but when he really really wants to succeed, he’ll push past limits to do so But the fact is that Tim has to want to do so and with high school, he really doesn’t fucking care to a point. We know Tim’s smarter enough to pass these classes, but it’s not important to him so he lets them slide under the radar.

Which is kind of fucking awesome that we have such a smart character that doesn’t like school, doesn’t technically do well in it (even though he could), and doesn’t care about it much either.

There’s a stereotype with smart characters that they must past school and love school but Tim kind of just points and laughs at it before passing out during Chemistry. 


Cleaned up and colored in a beaten up Tim Drake sketch from Marcus To I saw floating around. I just really enjoy coloring in his linework.


family ♥




Sons of the bat



I did it. I saved the people he loved. I saved everything he worked so hard to build. No compromises. He won’t say anything, he never does. But I know. I know that Bruce will be proud of me. Not a bad day. 

This scan always gives me chills.



The answer is…….? :’ (

Tim just makes me sad now


by ihavepinkknees

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Better sleep another hour (or two)


sketch redesign of Justice Lords Tim… which pretty much looks like regular Tim w/ his Robin cape, nosso's bandolier, and the belt/arm&leg bands of the JL designs. And yeahh, I didn't say I knew how to redesign… silver ver.

Happy Birthday, Tim Drake!


i think it’s quite failed about coloring…
sorry Tim;w;

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