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Talons | Batman: Court of Owls

C2E2 2013

Just found a picture from C2E2 of my full Talon costume! I’m so happy, it has my boots and everything! Talon was probably my hardest costume by far to put together and I’m still working on posing. Wish it wasn’t so shiny but live and learn. I’m actually pretty proud of it. And of course I’m THRILLED to have a picture with my fellow Talon as it’s one of the only pics with my friend. 

Thanks to CosIt Photography for the awesome photo!


Red Hoods and Riddles: A Batman #22 Review

Last month, Batman 21 opened up a new time period for our favorite hero in which Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo hoped to explore the beginning of Batman before he was actually Batman. With the dawning of the New 52, earlier Batman origins were put out of date and needed updating. Snyder has taken the idea and run with it, launching Zero Year, an eleven-issue origin of the Dark Knight that was hinted at in Batman #0.

The first issue brought us a glimpse of the early Batman and the Gotham he’ll rise up to protect. It was ripe with early Batman elements, foreshadowing and intrigue but it was too hard to tell if this this arc was going to be special.

Issue 22 delivers much more than a reassurance, it revitalizes the Batman myth in a way not seen for a long time.

Read this review at DestroyTheCyborg!

I loved Batman #22 so much this, you guys need to be reading this.



Apparently a horse gets hurt in the new Batman and people on twitter got fake mad at Scott Snyder

So he took to Amazon to review this shirt


Have I mentioned before that Scott Snyder is the best person in the whole wide world?



Greg Capullo

First appearance of Harper Row in Batman #7 (Batman #12 is a prequel to this).


Detective Comics #881

Favorite part of the comic. 

One of my favorite comics. And James Jr. is one of my favorite bat-villains now. Seriously, I really hope we see him again (written by Snyder, as someone else might rather make him into Joker Jr.)

One of the things I’ve always loved are those versions of Batman stories that take place in the future where Bruce and Dick have had some falling out and aren’t speaking anymore, whether it’s Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns or something like that. It always felt very real to me in that regard, because Dick is probably closer to Bruce than anyone but Alfred, but he’s even up there with Alfred in some ways. He has an incredible, special relationship with him. But then I think there’s this kind of contention between them, as well, or tension between them that does, when you play it forward, support the idea of them having a falling out. It feels, to me at least, somehow right in my gut. Dick Grayson is kind of like the good son, but he has a difficult father in Bruce, and I feel like, down the line, it might cause some big rifts between them, and I could see it erupting into a big fight.

So that’s something I was thinking about […] And one of the strengths of Dick as a character is that he won’t leave you alone.

- Scott Snyder [x] (via aeedee)

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