The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr



The Beautiful Sleeping Beauty In Slumber by Jolien-Rosanne

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Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ Maid Marian by FireLilyCosplay

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Sung Kang looking like a boss.

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Not messing with this guy, with or without the mask.


Dedicated to one of the most badass women in Marvel comics. (click here for hi-res)

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Have some badass gifs to go along with this badass hero:

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The main entrance to Wollaton Hall, Wayne Manor in “The Dark Knight Rises”, Nottingham, England (by Didimendum1).

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Batman: Under the Red Hood


…batman gotham knights.love this movie.

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I was singing this today

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I actually liked the Green Lantern movie.”

It wasn’t as bad as people said. In my opinion, it was on the same level as Thor. I’m not exactly sure WHY Thor was so “mind-blowing” for some people, I thought the story was pretty mediocre. I liked the story in Green Lantern.

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