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And make bloody certain you’ll never see another
Dark, sad, lonely night.

❝ Listen, the point is that something bad happened to us once, when we were young, so we dedicated our whole lives to doing a little bit of good. That’s why we got into this crazy, Superhero business. Not to be the most popular or even the most powerful. Because if that was the case, hell, you’d have the rest of us put out of a job… You know, Clark, I think the reason I was such an asshole to you is, I think you’re cool man. And you’ve got Krypto the superdog! He’s cool! Dogs are cool! (Some people think dogs are stupid) Fuck them. Some people think Robin is stupid but those people are pretentious douche bags. Because literally, the only difference between me and Robin is our costumes. Robin’s cool. Krypto’s cool. Ant-Man is cool. The Atom is cool. Plastic Man? Ugh! Gloves! Capes! Masks! Superhero’s are cool man! Helping people is cool. ❞

- Holy Musical B@man

❝ Look, Clark… I’m sorry. I forgot what it means to be a superhero. But we’re not that different, you and me, at our heart. I mean really all superheroes are pretty much the same. We’re all just orphans. I’m an orphan, you’re an orphan, Robin’s an orphan… Yeah! Spider-Man’s an orphan, so’s Iron Man! And Cyclops and Wolverine- all the X-Men! ❞

- Batman, Holy Musical B@man


Holy Musical B@man

It took me three times to truly understand how, well, Two-Face Alfred is in this play. I’m pretty sure everyone he plays is supposed to be Alfred-playing-them.

Also it took me a while to figure out that Spider-Man returned the plane because he was Alfred and Alfred didn’t want Bruce to give it away in the first place.


Sooo excited for Holy Musical B@man ! :D

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