The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr

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Thor, Doctor Strange, Storm

  • Thor:Talk about your relationship with your family.

My family is pretty close. It’s been changing lately, though. My closest relationship is with my mom, she’s my best friend. I’m also good friends with my brother and have been for a long time. Lately though, I’ve been kinda drifting away from him. Just slowly realizing it’s just not the same when I was younger, looking up to him.  My other brother and I have had our problems but we get along as long as we don’t spend too much time together. My dad and I are having a rough patch. 

But my family is super supportive of everyone in it. I love them so much, I couldn’t do what I’ve done in my life without them.

  • Doctor Strange:Talk about a moment your life changed paths.

When I was in elementary school, I did school of choice. It just meant I had a choice of what Jr. High I would go to. Everyone at my school was going to one school but after seven years with the kids, I realized I didn’t have a single friend I felt I could count on. Moving on to Jr. High seems like a big deal at the time, especially since they’re already asking you what your future job will be. 

So I decided to go to a different Jr. High than everyone else. Completely alone, knowing NO ONE from my class, I went into 7th grade to reinvent myself (which is so funny to think about now). I met my best friends there. I still talk to them, they’re my sisters, we’ve known each other for twelve years now. And I learned that I was fine on my own. I could do whatever I wanted on my own. 

  • Storm:What do people look up to you for?

I haven’t the faintest. I really don’t. Maybe my honesty? I think I’ve heard that the most. I try to be as emotionally honest as I can, even when it’s hard. But sometimes I think that’s selfish. So IDK.

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Yeah, that would summon me pretty well, I gotta say

It wasn’t this one by chance, was it? pscs5.tumblr.com/post/50…


What website are you using to build your resume site?

It’s a personal site I’ve actually owned since like college but I’m finally cleaning it up. Using wordpress because that’s all anyone can help me with and I think it’s going to look okay but it’s hard. I’m super close to asking for prices on having someone else make it look not terrible.


Thank you! I never really liked selfies until this hair cut. I just real unstoppable now! I’m so glad everyone likes it Idk how this happened ;_;

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Officially it’s gray but I like to think of it as blue. It changes depending on the light.


Royals by Lorde




I don’t have official relationships but the last kinda-one ended because we both became too damaged to deal with each other. Essentially


Target. I’m lame but they have cookies and action figures. At it’s literally down the road from my house so.

Top 5 comic books currently being published?

This is really hard because I’ve almost stopped reading everything right now. I’m behind on a lot -_-

  1. Saga
  2. Batman
  3. Uh. Hawkeye? I haven’t read the last few though, I don’t know why
  4. Oh! X-Men was good! For the first issue, I’m excited
  5. Is Aquaman still good?

I’m sorry this sucks. I really need to settle down and read through my stack but I’ve been really stressed lately and can’t seem to focus on reading. 

New Archer in town


I’m glad I was able to help and you’re happy with it! That bow is easily one of my favorite things that I own so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :D (but yeah it /really/ is cumbersome and as much as I’d love to cosplay Kate with it wow I will not travel with it)

My dad already asked if I was going to sleep with it lmao.

I’ll take some Speedy pictures with it here but I wouldn’t risk traveling with it. I am not that level cosplayer yet. O_O

New Archer in town

I went out today and got my bow! It’s beautiful and wonderful and I couldn’t be happier. My fingers hurt (they didn’t have a glove in my size)

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I was originally going to buy it but my parents decided to gift it to me as an early Birthday present. Dad’s going to get back into shooting with me now too. He’s got a bunch of old bows he used to hunt with and now we have more stuff. Just what we need, ha.

Thank you so much, helenawayne for helping me. This was the bow they recommended and it made it easier going in when I had some idea of what I was looking for. 

Except there’s no way I’m trekking this on a train and bus for C2E2 so I’ll have to think of SOMETHING for Mia.

Speaking of, I still have costume to finish and my focus is shot. 

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My questions.

  1. When was the first time a comic made you emotional?
  2. What is your favorite playlist and what it consists of?
  3. Are there any stories you wish you could read or would you prefer to write them?
  4. Wanna hang out and what do you wanna do?
  5. If you could dress the world, which movie costumes would you use?
  6. If you were a comic book character, who would you rather be published by (I’m thinking Marvel or DC but free rein here)? Bonus points for reasons.
  7. Who’s your favorite artist?
  8. If you could get a plush of anyone you wish, would you and who would it be? (No really this isn’t for my own curiosity, this is like a legit personal question that reveals the deeper workings of your soul)
  9. Do you like breakfast?
  10. What’s your favorite genre of pants?
  11. Have you ever been in love?

Tagging in the tags (hur hur) and anyone that wants a whack at these.

My answers under the cut.

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All the beautiful things DC ripped away from us. No but seriously, wonderful teen female heroines.

I am the flickering hope you hold out to the darkness that is DC comics. occasionally I go out.

Steph, Cass, Helena gift exchange/hangout/fluffy happiness?

Stephanie eyed the brunette that followed Cass in from the cold. The purple-clad stranger climbed in through the window after Steph’s best friend and took a look around the room.

"Uh Cass?" Stephanie asked in a whisper too loud not to be heard by all. "Whose your new friend?"

"Huntress," Cass said. "Helena."

Stephanie eyed the out-of-costume vigilante who in turn eyed her back.

"Hate to break it to you but that’s not Helena…"

The Helena in question crossed her arms, about to speak when Cass spoke again.

"No. Helena. My sister."

This seemed to take both the other women off guard. Helena pushed her hair back to regain her presence and not look out of place among the younger girls. “I’m not from around here,” she said for explanation.

She looked out of place and not just in Stephanie’s home. Stephanie knew enough about Strange Gotham Shenanigans to smell the scent surrounding the whole situation.

"Lost home," Cass said, knowing how to communicate between both girls better. "Got new one. Found. Found a new one. Here."

It was good enough for Stephanie, who knew too much about that discomfort of home-lost. 

"Well then, I guess welcome to the club."

helenawayne replied to your post: Back from my three-day trip over the river and…
So so jealous of your day at Disney, but I’m glad you had a good time :) sorry DC had to go and be a butt and spoil the mood

I feel pretty spoiled but on the other hand, I really, REALLY had to see my grandparents and I wanted to check in on my cousin working at WDW so I’m trying to justify it all. 

And yeah, I’m kinda used to that these days.

(∩ -∩ ) sending this right back your way because it's true

Since she doesn't get enough love, Cass Cain.

Justice didn’t have borders. That’s why Cass was here in Hong Kong and not home, in Gotham. Her father - her other father - Batman needed her here. 

Light scrolled across the signs across from her, one second casting her in bright colors and the next in shadow. No one could see this far up, could glance and see a bat perched behind the sign. Invisibility was in her nature. Always in her nature, always invisible. 

Always unseen and unheard. She couldn’t read the symbols. Sometimes she would catch the letters she recognized, sounding out the word just as the sign changed again. But nothing was familiar. The sounds, the smells, the light, all different from Gotham. The people were different from Gotham. She watched them from the ground as well when she was awake. She slipped into their crowds, observing, trying to feel the rhythm of the city but it was different. A new heart beat she could read, could react to but couldn’t feel. It wasn’t Gotham.

The sign changed again, this time casting blue light across to her. She was needed her. That’s what he told her. But looking down below at the mass of strangers, she wondered just who needed her really. 

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