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young justice meme | characters - cassie sandsmark [5/7] 

Okay big guy, let’s see how much punishment you can take! 


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cassie incognito


Bryan Mon


The Cheerleaders of DC by ~spacecowboytv

I always thought there were too many similar-looking blonde superheroines in DC before the reboot, but this is a nice comparison between the girls. Stargirl is the least muscular (she’s a mage) and Steph is the most built (being the only non-superpowered in the group). Powergirl is busty and Kara has curvy hips, and Cassie has a slightly more boyish figure.

It annoys me when people say all blonde characters are the same because no one says all red heads are the same (Kate, Babs, Starfire, Cyclone, etc) just that there’s a lot of them. They’re all different, it’s usually artists drawing the same girl for everyone. I do love this picture for the details (the artist explains on the individual pictures the details too). My only thing I want to add that there’s different shades of blonde. I don’t get why every blonde has to be platinum blonde. IDK, to me, Steph has a more golden tone to her hair than say Kara. Mia’s is more yellow and Cassie’s is somewhere between all of that. Those are my headcanons anyway but the point stays that there are more hair colors than just blonde, brown, black and red.

“It’s not always about strength, Kon.”

(Young Justice 46)


Joe Pekar

Put this under things I’m going to pretend happened after Before The Dawn. They’re all exhausted and just relieved to have everyone back alive and safe and end up falling asleep on each other during a discussion with the seniors on where they could relocate the team.

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