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sudden cassie feels

The best part is, since this is Marvel, it can actually be Cassie’s Ionic form trying to fight it’s way back to Kate. :D


it’s okay not to be okay

sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart

tears don’t mean you’re losing

everybody’s bruising

There’s a discussion about different interpretations of “strength” here but I’m honestly too tired to type out what I was thinking.

I really miss Cassie.

and I promise there was a specific choice made in the background image.  The idea of being somewhere and thinking “we’ve made it back, it’s all going to be the same as it was,” when in reality there are things changed or missing that completely alter the situation is really important to me as the new version of Young Avengers draws closer and closer.

sorry the pic is so massive, I avoid shrinking art like the plague


영어벤져스 프레젠트 봤다. 어떻게 된게 하나도 안이쁘고 안귀여운 애들이 없어ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
캐시 너무 이쁘다 케이트도 이쁘다 아아…  

점박님 헤헼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ영어벤져스라는 미국만화예요! 저도 얼마전에 빠져서 시름시름….ㅠ~ㅠ 

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