The Stephanie of this Batclan. I tell bad jokes and get excited about strange things. You'll figure it out. We all do eventually. Image by alackoforder.tumblr

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All text straight from skype chats. What we lack in character accuracy, we make up for in awesomeness.


under the red hood


batman #635


Under the Red Hood → Jason Todd being a cute douchebag


Bat-Family Portrait

Commission done for me by the amazing effarstudioproductions!​

Please go check out her commission info here

Pictured is the of the Bat-Family line-up I’m most fond of, from my formative comics-reading years, around the late 1990’s to early 2000’s.

Left to right (as if you couldn’t guess): Babs, Dick, Steph, Tim, Cass, Bruce, Alfred



"Clark must be using all his strength to get Bruce to smile."

~My friend’s comment when I posted this on my FB. 

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Thank you, school for teaching me to photomanipulate. Your lessons will never be in vain.


redriverhouse replied to your post: btw i’m still totally up for character…

How about Batman in 33?

auerora said: Dick Grayson with #20 or #46 in the new palette? :D (i love your art so much!!!!)

eee i’m so glad to hear that <33


While Tim is agonizing over Philmont’s death, his father hears about the case in the news.  Tim doesn’t seem to mention that he’s being questioned by the police or that he was one of the last people to see Philmont alive.  I find it especially odd because I thought that a parent or guardian had to be present in order for a minor to talk to the police.

What with the quake, the damage done to their house, and the increasing violence at Tim’s school, Jack is considering moving their family to Keystone city.  He mentions it very casually, but it hits Tim like a load of bricks.

Meanwhile, Tim starts to take Steph to birthing classes.  He can’t show up as Tim Drake or as Robin, obviously, so he dons his Alvin Draper disguise.  Steph doesn’t recognize him at first when he shows up, and she clearly thinks he’s a bit ridiculous.  (To be fair, he is saying things like “you and me’s” and “moms.”)

As Robin, Tim tracks down the boys he saw taking Philmont into the woods.  When he catches up to them, they panic and tearfully swear that they had nothing to do with Philmont’s death.  They admit to beating him up, but say he was fine when they left him.

The thing that I find very interesting and quite out of character for Tim is that he not only believes them, but he then changes his story to the police.  Mind you, Tim has never said that he saw the boys kill Philmont, nor has he directly blamed them in any way.  All he’s said is that he saw the boys going into the woods with Philmont. 

The fact that he retracts this is, I think, very unlike Tim.  One of the biggest things that Bruce seems to teach his partners is that they are not above the law.  They don’t kill, they believe in due justice.  There’s even a comic run where Batman gets the Joker declared innocent in a murder trial because he was not responsible for that particular crime.  Bruce would never support Tim’s redaction here.  Tim has always been particularly concerned with what Bruce would or wouldn’t do, so it’s quite unusual that he would make this kind of decision.

PS.  Sleeping Tim is hilarious!

Robin 60


Alan Davis sure does draw a beautiful Selina and Bruce.



He’s found on the streets, he steals from Batman, he uses a knife, he talks exactly like Jason…. I can’t beLIEVE IT….. !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

[Beware the Batman 11]


Happy day father’s… #Batman


Batman Eternal #10

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