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Zinda has turned out to be my favorite cosplay this year. She’s badass and super classy and that makes me feel badass and super classy :D Here are a few photos of my Lady Blackhawk from a Birds of Prey shoot I was part of at Dragon*Con 2014. If you want to see the full album click here the other birds are gd gorgeous it’s worth checking out ;D and give the photographer a like too cause she did a great job with us! :D

Cosplayer - Robyn the Girl Blunder (me XD)

Photographer - Fairyluna Photography

Best ever, omg, you are amazing


The oh so shy and soft-spoken Black Canary. Biker jackets and fishnets are totally in. <3 Michelle D


Birds of Prey #64


…Okay. Who’s the asswipe who killed Kurt Lance again?

Writer: Christy Marx
Penciller: Robson Rocha
Inker: Oclair Albert
Cover: Dan Panosian
On sale SEPTEMBER 10
32 pg, FC • RATED T
3-D Motion Edition: $3.99 US
2-D Standard Edition: $2.99 US
Free of Ra’s al Ghul’s control at last, Black Canary claims her rightful place as the head of the League of Assassins!

Why is it that League of Assassins future leaders always steal Ra’s cape? First Jason, now her.


Birds of Prey Redesigned as a vigilante scooter club, Bat Girl and Black Canary.


ART! Starling from Birds of Prey. She’s SO Rockabilly, at least I think so.


I always have leftover con stuff, but there’s a lot that I’d like to “retire” to make room for newer stuff to avoid collapsing under the weight of my own convention kit (it’s a distinct possibility!). Since I adore you folks on Tumblr so much, GIVEAWAYS~

I have 5 lots of Bat-verse+Question themed bookmarks - 10 bookmarks in each lot. Entry will end at 11.59 EST on July 31st, winners announced in the evening of August 1st. 5 winners will be randomly drawn, one lot of 10 individual bookmarks for each.


  • Ask box must be “open” so I can get in contact with you - if you win but your ask isn’t open, another winner will be drawn. 
  • Likes and reblog count as one entry each, maximum of two entries per person (so 10 chances max, overall). 
  • A single person cannot win more than one lot for this draw. 
  • Tassel colours may vary. 

Entering or winning stuff from this giveaway will not prevent you from entering or winning from other giveaways I run.

Any questions? Hit up my ask!

Thanks for looking!

Evelyn Crawford - Starling


[Birds of Prey vol. 3 #01]

superheroes I won’t live without: Evelyn Crawford / Starling

superheroes I won’t live without: Dinah Lance / Black Canary

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