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A Review of Batman Eternal #1-#8

Chances are, being a well-adjusted individual, you don’t have the most fond memories, be they from high school or college, of the dreaded “group project.” Best case scenario: you got to “pick your group,” which ensured that everybody got along, at the expense of the project actually being worked on. Worse case scenario: your teacher took the moment to engage in twisted social experiments by ‘cuffing the brown-nosers with the nose-pickers, ensuring that not only did you have to do the “heavy lifting,” but associate with people you’d only end up empathizing with in a John Hughes world. WORST case scenario: the “randomized” group assignments aforementioned, accompanied by “group evaluations.” Yes, I’m talking about those two words that ensured that you’d still be doing everything, all the while weighing giving superfluous members their “just desserts” against the fact that you might see/work/have class with them again. So you can understand my concerns when I heard that Batman Eternal would be a “group project,” of sorts.  Also, thar’ be *SPOILERS* here, necessary to discussing the series’ structure, contents, and pacing.

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