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okay its done!! (pretty much… I need to like do a fe stitches here and there. (and velcrow the leg brace to my body suit… apparently)

but Spoiler! she is from DC comics mostly from Robin but makes a few appearances in other places like Batgirl and Batman… and well in the Batman universe really. (and young Justice… and teen titans… okay yeah well) I think the second photo is a pretty good Steph pose…. even if it was an accident… whoops

so the glasses. I made that progress post and it was funny. so I was like ‘ho ho I should ‘accidently’ leave my glasses on when I take a picture and be all “Oh dear I left my glasses on!” then I made the decided not to. Only to actually forget to take them off after I finished figuring out where I needed to stand and the computer angle… whoops.

I am so jelly, this looks amazing!

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    Looks great!
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