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Plush Commissions are OPEN!

Love a character that’s never had a squishy real life replica? Wish your OC was real enough to hug? Getting annoyed with how much I seem to love stuffed representations of favorite characters?

It’s the perfect time to get your very own custom-made plush!

Price: $30 + shipping

Each plush is made from prewashed fleece with felt details. Limited accessories available, made with craft foam! More detailed add-on’s and elements may be extra.

Perfect for fanboys, fangirls and younger fans everywhere!

How to Order:

I have three slots open right now (these are my first commissions so I thought three was a good trial run). Simply message me here, note me at deviantART or shoot me an email at gaelicwords@yahoo.com

All payment through paypal.

And voila! Your very own squishy friend. 

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    I don’t have paypal… I wish I could just snail mail some cash, even though I don’t even know what I want yet, but still…...
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