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Plush Commissions are C L O S E D

Love a character that’s never had a squishy real life replica? Wish your OC was real enough to hug? Getting annoyed with how much I seem to love stuffed representations of favorite characters?

It’s the perfect time to get your very own custom-made plush!

Price: $25

Domestic shipping included (+$5 for international shipping)

Each plush is made from prewashed fleece with felt details. Limited accessories available, made with craft foam!

Perfect for fanboys, fangirls and younger fans everywhere!

How to Order:

I have three slots open right now (these are my first commissions so I thought three was a good trial run). Simply message me here, note me at deviantART or shoot me an email at gaelicwords@yahoo.com

All payment through paypal. 

And voila! Your very own squishy friend. 

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