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Mia Deaden. Speedy II. Ultimate plush.

She’s done! She’s finally done! And I love her!

She almost killed me for the following reasons

  • This was the first time I used a sewing machine. All my other plushes were hand-sewn. There is a lot of hand-sewing on her, but I self-taught myself the sewing machine while making her. That was fun. And terrifying.
  • The hood. I’ve never sewn one and I made three before I finally got one I seemed to like and it’s STILL too small, in my opinion.
  • PONYTAIL. I am most proud of the ponytail (and bangs) I made for her. Seriously, you don’t know how giddy I was when I figured out how to sew that. Proudest moment ever.

Her face gave me some trouble too and I thought about just putting the mask on there since she already had the hood but I kept the removable mask because I wanted to test how to do it. I did cut the quiver though. I didn’t know how to put it on. O_O I still need to figure out if painting the face is easier. It might be. We’ll see.

But what do you guys think? I’m so happy with her, she’s not that hard of a design and Mia needs a lot of love. But I’m seriously proud of her. I think I’m almost to the point I can ask for commissions!

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