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my sailor moon vest that started out as just a white vest !!

everything by me except the pins on the front pockets and the “pizza my heart” patch

partner in crime’s (sailor jupiter) vest here


wow that last post really got around??? yells thanks guys so much!! here’s the pretty much finished vest, i’ll prob post many pictures of the whole outfit this weekend u///u



uh oh. big uh oh.

Aw, gravity


i laugh that people cry over the accuracy of wonder woman’s greek armor for a movie. like how many interpretations have we had of hercules that are supposed to be greek and the mother fucker’s actual greek name is heracles.



Liu Bolin - The Invisible Artist’s newer (and some older) works. official gallery and from and from

Yeah so basically this is the coolest fucking thing you’ll see all day today


i’m so fucking tired of this dc vs marvel crap. they both have bad things, they both have good things. i like them both. but you know who is really killing it in comics? image. let’s talk about image more. buy image comics.


Being Meguca is suffering Last photo is based on "The Different Story"

Photo by Angeline / Daisy as Mami Tomoe / Me as Kyoko Sakura
1st part of the photoshoot! 
2nd part!

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9 most harmful Disney stereotypes we grew up on

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I love how fucking stupid nearly all of these are.  

1.  This was something that was present in the original Danish fairy tale.  The film actually attempted to address this by showing Ariel’s passionate interest in the human world and longing to be human long before she met Eric. 

2.  Are we really comparing about gender relations and gender roles in a film that came out almost a century ago? 

3. If I remember correctly, Cinderella’s inner virtues and talents are what the film praises and uses to show how deserving she is of salvation: her kindness, fairness, gentleness, gutsiness, imagination, idealism, diligence, inner strength… I mean it’s not like Drusilla and Anastasia are even shown as being ugly or even plain: both are rather cute in a snub nosed way, whilst Lady Termaine, the real villain of the piece is an extremely elegant lady whose features indicate she was clearly a great beauty in her youth.  

4.  I see Jasmine is right there for a start but I guess she counts as “white” for some reason.  Pocahontas also came out before this film, but I guess she doesn’t count either for some reason.  

5. Of all the characters they could have picked like Ursula or the Queen of Hearts, they chose a character who has virtually no body fat and is entirely muscle and sinew, and isn’t even a human.  That’s without going into the fact that overweight people are almost entirely jolly and friendly like the Fairy Godmother, Gus, Belle, Prince Philip’s and Jasmine’s fathers… and are sometimes they are the heoric protagonists, like Merryweather and Flora from Sleeping Beauty or Bernard from the Rescuers (both Bernard and Gus are both drawn fatter then the other mice.)

6.  I don’t remember anyone saying women has to be both strong and gentle, but it’s not like strength and gentleness are both fantastic human virtues or anything. 

7.  It’s not like every character in the film, including the hero and heroine, are Arabic or anything. 

8.  Except in the films where they are not.   Prince Philip and Aurora were both at the mercy of Maleficent, and they were both saved several times by three chubby matronly old ladies, for example.   Cinderella was granted redemption when she had reached her breaking point and was about to give up on life by her Fairy Godmother.  Tiana saved herself and her prince through her own actions.  Jasmine and Alladin had to work together to defeat Jafar and use their own wits.   Same with Quasi and Esme.   Don’t remember Merida being saved by a man either.  Or Mulan.  And Poca saved her man’s life.  Shall I go on? 

9.  Are you seriously complaining that a greek myth starred a white man?  Do you know what the Greeks are?  They are white.  Do you know what most gods and goddesses ethnicities are?  The same ethnicities as the people who created them!   And god forbid a movie about the strongest man in Greek Mythology be as muscular and buff as he was depicted in statues and paintings by the Ancient Greeks. 

Some people just need to stop overanalysing childrens cartoons looking for things to be offended about. 

^bless you

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Why yes I am a magical moon princess, thanks for asking :) #lookhuman #sailormoon

You’re look quite magical seraphine-therese - infact, you might be the most magical person we’ve seen today. Congrats! Thanks for the selfie!


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